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When we provide a patient with a dental crown at Stones Crossing Dentistry, we strive to offer high quality so that the crown can be durable and withstand daily use. We form a dental impression of your smile to capture your tooth alignment at your initial visit to our office so that an off-site dental lab can custom make your crown. For further insight into the dental crown creation process, we have provided a breakdown of the different steps.

The aforementioned impression is used by skilled dental lab technicians so that they can see the unique alignment of your smile and use it to create a second, more durable impression whose materials can be placed in high heat to cast your dental crown.

The metal or porcelain that is used to make up your crown is heated to about 2400 °F, and it will also undergo another heating period to become hardened, also known as cured. When the crown mold is cool, the crown is removed and polished with a few finishing coats. The technicians send it to Stones Crossing Dentistry after examining it to ensure it’s good quality for your smile.

We invite you to contact our dentist, Dr. Aaron Wilkins, at 317.535.3940 today if you are interested in receiving a dental crown in Greenwood, Indiana.