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Are you in need of a cavity treatment? Often it may be hard to tell if you have a cavity, as you won’t begin to feel any pain or discomfort until after it has long breached the surface of a tooth. Cavities can affect multiple teeth at once, and can affect any individual at any age, provided they have real teeth.

Cavities are caused by a process of destruction that is heaped upon tooth enamel. Although tooth enamel is strong and durable, it is possible for bacteria to damage it. If a thin layer of plaque begins to develop in your mouth, the bacteria in the plaque can convert substances such as sugar into extremely harmful acids that can corrode away tooth enamel. Thus, the first line of defense against cavities is preventing plaque buildup and the creation of harmful acids in our mouths.

If cavities form, a dental filling is required to prevent further decay or tooth loss. Dental fillings often come in two distinct forms, dental amalgams and tooth-colored composites. Amalgams tend to work better on larger cavities but leave behind a metallic look. Although composites fillings are not as durable on large cavities, they can match the color of your teeth for a seamless blend and aesthetic charm.

Whichever dental filling service you feel would best suit your needs, Dr. Aaron Wilkins and our team here at Stones Crossing Dentistry in our dentist office in Greenwood, Indiana are committed to providing you the service you require. We can be reached at 317.535.3940. A happy smile is a healthy smile!