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Tooth decay presents multiple issues that you have to deal with, the most important being what method you choose to use to restore any teeth that need work done. The choices are seemingly endless, but today we’ll focus on two procedures offered here at Stones Crossing Dentistry in Greenwood, Indiana. Those are dental crowns and fillings.


Crowns are a great option for people with advanced tooth decay. If your tooth is decayed to the point where the pulp is infected and it may die, or the decay is so advanced the biting surface of the tooth isn’t effective any longer, then you’ll likely need a crown.

Crowns do require that the tooth receiving one be ground down to form what’s called an abutment. That abutment is used to cement the crown in place.

Fillings are great if you have mild to moderate tooth decay that hasn’t yet infected the pulp or damaged your tooth beyond what Dr. Aaron Wilkins feels like he can repair with a filling. Fillings are a bit quicker and more affordable than crowns, so that’s an upside as well.

A full consult with Dr. Aaron Wilkins will help you determine which course of treatment is best for you. If you’re in need of restoration work, call us today at 317.535.3940 to schedule an appointment.