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When an oral emergency takes place, the first few seconds after an accident are crucial in ensuring your recovery will go along smoothly. It is important to stay calm and to not haphazardly gloss over the situation. If you act quickly and safely, your chances of optimal recovery will greatly rise.

One of the most common types of oral emergencies occurs with objects that get lodged or stuck in your mouth. This could range from food stuck between your teeth that is causing pain or discomfort to an object that is causing intense bouts of bleeding. The first thing you should do is use a removal tool that is not too sharp or capable of inflicting more harm. Water flossers and dental floss may be useful tools. Removal of the item may require the aid of a dentist, but if you can do it yourself, be careful not to do anything that could injure your teeth and gums more.

Some oral emergencies are done by the loss of teeth. This happens when a tooth is knocked out with brute force or severe trauma. If your tooth has fallen out due to trauma, it may be possible to save and reattach the tooth. However, this entails protecting the tooth or bits of the tooth until your dentist can fully reattach them. Place the tooth in a tooth-saving product and use gauze to avoid further bleeding in your mouth. Be cautious not to damage the root of your tooth or any nerve endings that may be exposed.

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