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The time is now to top off your year with a gift your entire mouth can enjoy. Dental crowns can give you the kick start, self-esteem, oral health, and peace of mind you need to brave the coming winter with a smile. Dental crowns not only can make you feel better, but can also make you look better. Whatever your ailment may be, we can fix it. The choice for dental crowns is apropos if you have any of the following:

Weak teeth: to protect weak teeth from cracking, breaking apart, or decaying

Broken Teeth: to hold together parts of broken teeth

Tooth Support: for teeth that have large fillings when there isn’t a lot of tooth remaining

Dental Bridge: to hold dental bridges in place

Tooth Irregularities: to cover teeth that may have irregularities in size, shape, curvature, or color

Dental Implants: to cover dental implants

Lack of other treatment options: if the tooth or surrounding jawline is too far damaged for other treatments, including veneers, composites, or implants

Cosmetic: to offer aesthetic benefits

Root Canals: to cover teeth with root canals

Children at High Risk: to protect teeth of children that are at a high risk for tooth decay

Our expertly skilled and trained dentist at Stones Crossing Dentistry, Dr. Aaron Wilkins, is excited about presenting you with the smile you’ve been hoping for. For more information about dental crowns, please stop by our office in Greenwood, Indiana, or call us at 317.535.3940. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call or visit us today!